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July 2013

Change Redskins’ Team Name? Tomahawk That!

Life is good.
Summer is in full swing, the Trayvon/Zimmerman soap opera is finally fading away, government is probably reading only half our emails now, and the excitement of football is in the air.

Duchess Kate: May We Have Another?

Open Letter To Duchess Kate: May We Have Another?
Dear Duchess Kate,
Congratulations on your new baby --- and our new hope! 

From Trayvon To Paula Deen, Race Relations At Modern Day Low

As published in the Delaware County Daily Times...
From Paula Deen To Trayvon: Race Relations Worse Than Ever
Okay. Let’s get it out of the way. I wholeheartedly agree with the outcome in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fiasco. So to those who felt entitled to a “guilty” verdict, I am undoubtedly insensitive,  heartless, and uncaring.  Oh, I almost forgot the most important, albeit vastly overused labels: racist and bigoted.
Spitballs off a battleship.

Corbett, GOP Fail Pennsylvania --- Again

If you strike out two of every three times at bat, you’re a Hall of Famer. One out of four gives you a long career. But go 0-for-the-season, and your contract won’t be renewed.

On that last point, welcome to the lives of Governor Tom Corbett and the Republican-controlled legislature.

Reopen Madeleine McCann Case? Look At Her Parents First

In past columns, I have championed Don Imus keeping his job; defended Barry Bonds' achievements; and stood up for the falsely accused Duke lacrosse players long before it was “fashionable” for the media to do so. I even opined that Paris Hilton was wrongly jailed, receiving unfair treatment because she was a celebrity. But no matter how much I try, I simply cannot find anything worth defending about British couple Gerry and Kate McCann.

Government-Mandated Sewer Hookups Should Be Unconstitutional

“Obamacare” is about to be referenced, even though today’s topic is not about healthcare. So for those opposed, don’t immediately use this column as toilet paper.

The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare constitutional on the grounds that it was a tax. Had it been a mandatory purchase, it would not have passed legal muster.

Youth Sports: Politically Correct And Extreme

Another Mother’s Day has past, and with it the usual activities: brunch, cookouts, a walk in the park with Mom. And sports games.

No, not a family outing at the Phils, but youth sports: baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer. You name it, they’re playing it. Do mothers love watching their children play? Sure. But is it really necessary to play on Mother’s Day? Is nothing sacred?

Mr. President And Congress: Stop Spying On Americans!

“I don’t care if the government reads my mail or tracks my phone calls --- I have nothing to hide...if it makes us safer, I am for it.”

Such naïve pronouncements might be expected from average folks. But you know it’s bad when a U.S. Senator --- a Republican, no less --- feels the same way. As South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham stated, “I’m a Verizon customer. I could care less if they’re looking at my phone records…If you’re not getting a call from a terrorist organization, you got nothing to worry about.”

Don’t Sugarcoat It - No Food Stamps For Soda!

We recently experienced a “super moon,” an event where that celestial body is at its closest point to Earth all year.
As everyone knows, full moons bring out eccentric behavior in people.  But this super moon was an extra doozy for me. Against all odds, I found myself agreeing with not just Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (first time ever), but 17 other big city mayors. Talk about strange bedfellows.

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