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September 2013

Firestorm Reaction To CYO Riffs Proves Need For Unity

Firestorm Reaction To CYO Riffs Proves Need For Unity
The firestorm surrounding Freindly Fire’s recent column, which discussed the lack of unity in merged Catholic schools, was reminiscent of the famous “Hamburger Report” of the 1970’s, a scathing report on police corruption in Philadelphia. Despite serious allegations, including bribery, the headline that grabbed the most attention was cops getting free hamburgers.
That’s all the critics needed to distract attention from the real issues, which were relegated forever to obscurity.

Separate CYO Teams In Merged Schools Is Disastrous

Archbishop Chaput, Where Are You?
It was a picture perfect day for football.

No "Rights" For Illegals Until The Law Is Changed

Rights For Illegal Immigrants?  Fine - Change The Law
Since millions of Americans enjoy crystal meth, it only seems appropriate that the government start doling it out freely. After all, doing so would provide for users’ continued pleasure while empowering them to expect more entitlements --- the law be damned.
Sound crazy?  Can’t imagine Government, the creator and enforcer of laws, sanctioning illegal activities?

Post 9/11 Foreign Policy Has Been Disastrous

Post 9/11 Foreign Policy Has Been Disastrous
In the twelve years since the 9/11 attacks, thousands of Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice, and trillions have been spent fighting overseas battles. But the hard truth is that the United States has thus far lost the foreign “War on Terror.”

Bombing Syria Will Seriously Bomb

Bombing Syria Will Seriously Bomb
If the United States were a body part, it wouldn’t be a brain, but a nose.  The world’s biggest, always being stuck where it doesn’t belong.
Right now, it’s in Syria.  And if America rains down bombs there, its nose will be broken yet again.  How many times will we get punched before learning how to better pick our fights?   As the saying goes, “You can’t always pick your friends (apparently, we have none regarding an attack on Syria), but you can always pick your nose.”

Labor Day --- With No Labor?

Labor Day? Union Membership Is “Laboring"
Talk about freeloading.
The 9 of 10 Americans who aren’t part of organized labor still took full advantage of Labor Day, that hallowed holiday honoring unions, a.k.a. “the working class.”
And since those 90 percent aren’t considered “working people” (meaning they must not work) every day is clearly a holiday for them. So relaxing on Labor Day just seems like sticking it to the unions.

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