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October 2013

Killing Pirates On The High Seas Is Long Overdue

Killing Pirates On The Spot Is Long Overdue
Water is wet. The sky is blue. And the West is gutless.
While all three are indisputable, only the last can change. But it will take sheer will and enormous courage to turn around two continents in a death spiral, the result of leaders prostrating themselves before the altar of political correctness, and a people too reluctant to challenge them.

Republican Fiasco Has Party Reeling

Republican Fiasco Has Party Reeling
Upon witnessing the “compromise deal” that reopened the government and raised the debt ceiling, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger political disaster than what befell the GOP.  Let’s review.
The Republican Party:
- Ran horrible candidates and lost big time in 2012;
- Didn’t like Obamacare, but because of Point One, didn’t have the votes to repeal or amend it;

Do NOT Raise Debt Ceiling Again!

Do NOT Raise Debt Ceiling 
After last month’s boardwalk fire in Seaside Heights, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, self-proclaimed fiscal hawk, immediately allocated $15 million in taxpayer money to business owners.
Sorry, Guv, but that’s why God made insurance. Government had absolutely no reason to get involved. Yet it did.

Shame: The Way To Restore American Pride

Shame: The Way To Restore American Pride
The great fish moved silently through the water, and into immortality. Without question, Jaws was a classic, filled with memorable lines. But the one that best reflected the attitude of the times was Quint’s blunt speech to the business owners.
“(Killing the shark) will bring back the tourists.  That'll put all your businesses on a paying basis.  Now you gotta make up your minds.  Do you wanna stay alive and ante up, or you wanna play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter?”

Republicans Have Shutdown On Good Ideas

Republicans Have Shutdown Of Ideas
Shutting down the government may not be the dumbest thing the Republican Party has ever done.
But it’s definitely in the Top Five.
Honestly, it’s tough to figure out which is most idiotic: the GOP following through on its threat, their thinking that it will benefit them politically, or that its leaders have not learned from history.

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