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No Voter ID Is Ultimate Disenfranchisement

NOT Having Voter ID Is Ultimate Disenfranchisement
“Voter ID… is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”
So pontificated Republican state House Majority Leader Mike Turzai ­­after Pennsylvania enacted its voter ID law this year.
Was Turzai’s statement partisan, polarizing and dumb? Yes on all counts.
But so what? That’s completely irrelevant.
The issue isn’t whether the law was politically motivated, but if it is good policy. Cut through both side’s political grandstanding, and it’s clear Voter ID is a reasonable, common-sense law which protects the integrity of America’s most hallowed right: free and fair elections. Without ID, fraudulent votes cancel out legitimate ones, and voting “early and often” renders elections neither free nor fair.
Will the ID law “help” Romney win? No. Presenting identity documentation doesn’t “help” candidates win. Bold ideas and well-organized campaigns do.
That said, it doesn’t take a political genius to know that voter fraud occurs much more prevalently in Philadelphia than the suburbs.  Since Philly is overwhelmingly Democratic, it follows that as fraud declines, so will Democratic vote totals. 
But that political reality should have no bearing on the ID law. The only thing that matters is that fraud will be stopped. Period. 
Those screaming that Voter ID is “disenfranchising” are not just making a dubious claim, but a hypocritical one. Sure, Turzai’s statement was political, but even more partisan is opposing a law because it roots out illegally-cast Democratic votes, which smacks of an “it may be fraud, but it’s our fraud” mentality.  The true disenfranchisement is not having Voter ID.
And there is voter fraud.  City Commissioner Al Schmidt’s report documented substantial irregularities in the 2012 primary, including voters registered at vacant lots and convenience stores, if registered at all.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Elections should be won on ideas, not the votes of unregistered and fictitious people, some of whom are illegal immigrants.  Given the fact that one needs ID for virtually everything in life, this law is unequivocally the right way to go.
Of course, you can always complain at City Hall.  Just make sure you have ID --- because you can’t get in without one!

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