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Give Thanks For America Being America

Give Thanks For America Being America
On a recent morning in Munich, Germany, an American hailed a cab. The driver, considerably younger than his mid-60’s passenger, immediately recognized that his fare was from the States. Exuding a pride that broke out into a huge smile, he exclaimed, "Ich bin ein Berliner,” showing his keen awareness of JFK's famous words in Berlin in 1962.

Give Thanks For Stupidity Of Mankind

Give Thanks For Stupidity Of Mankind
It makes for the best Thanksgiving conversation
Thanksgiving. That hallowed holiday where family and friends gather ‘round to give thanks for health, happiness and all of life’s joyous things.
Which lasts for all of five minutes.  Because let’s be real.  After that, we gossip, complain and otherwise marvel about the extraordinary amount of stupidity all around us --- which seems to grow every year.
Here are just a few examples in the “What the hell are they thinking?” category?

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